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Are the candles scented?

How long do the candles burn for?
It depends on the shape and size of the candle, but the burning time ranges from 6 hours (bird) to 20-30 hours in the bigger ones. Please check out the product information for each animal.  

What are the candles made of?
The PyroPet candles are made from paraffin wax, cotton wick and aluminium. The "I Just Wanted to Tell You" candles are made from porcelain, paraffin wax and cotton wick. Message candles are hand poured in the USA.

Why the strange names? Kisa, Bíbí, Hoppa, Dýri, Ugla, Dreki... What are they?
The names are all Icelandic names for pets/animals. Our candles are designed in Iceland, so we wanted to give them names that reflect their origin. 

Will you be adding more more types of candles or other colors?
We're always working on something new, and we'll post updates about new additions to our ranges on our Facebook, Instagram and email newsletters. (Be the first to receive new announcements and special offers by signing up to our newsletter here at the right hand corner of the bottom of our website.)

Will the wax melt all over the place? (PyroPet candles)

The candles do melt the wax faster and more unevenly than a normal candle. Each candle is slightly different and will burn in it’s own unique way. We recommend placing your candle on a plate with a minimum diameter of 10 inches (25 cm) to contain the wax as it melts.

Can I get the wax off the skeleton after the candle is finished?
If you want to get the wax off, we recommend putting it into boiling hot water, then take it out when the wax has all melted off it (before it starts cooling again). Then put it again in boiling hot water with some dishwashing liquid and take it out and gently wipe off the remains of the wax with paper towel. Just be careful that the skeleton is quite thin (to allow for best results while burning the candle). Also be careful with the hot water and wax! Or just keep it with the melted wax, as a unique sculpture! Maybe put a bell jar over it to protect it from dust?

Is it possible to get a custom made candle?
This will depend on the type of candle and minimum order quantities. If you have any special requests, then please be in touch

What's the shipping cost / how long does it take to ship?
Shipping cost is detailed on our shipping information page.

Can I pay by PayPal?



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